Avoid These Common Causes of Distracted Driving

distracted driving

Driving a car should be taken seriously. It can take a matter of seconds to cause a life-altering accident if you are not careful when you are behind the wheel. Did you know car accidents are among the most common causes of death in all parts of the world? This is the reason why every driver must give their undivided attention to the road when driving. Whether you are new to driving or you have been driving for years, being careful and attentive behind the wheel can go a long way in ensuring your safety as well as your passengers.

Distracted driving

The common cause of car accidents is distracted driving. Distracted driving is dangerous and can be a cause of death. It is defined as an activity that diverts the driver’s attention from driving, such as talking, texting, eating, drinking, and even fiddling with the stereo. It is an activity that takes the driver’s attention away from driving. When you are driving, you mustn’t engage in any non-driving activity to ensure your safety and reduce your risk of getting involved in any car accident or car crashing. 

What causes distracted driving? 

If your full attention is needed when driving, then why do most drivers still get involved with distracted driving? What causes distracted driving in the first place? Here are common causes of distracted driving so you can avoid doing this at all cost:

  • Smoke related. In one hundred accidents, one is related to lighting a cigarette – either lighting or putting out a cigarette. 
  • Moving objects. One percent of the accidents are due to moving objects such as insects and pets. They tend to take your eyes off the road.
  • Using devices to operate the car. Adjusting things like mirrors and seat belts can even play a minor part in distracted driving.
  • Adjusting audio or climate control. A driver fiddling with the radio to look for a station or adjust its volume, and even the climate control takes 2 percent of distracted driving causes.
  • Eating or drinking. It is strongly discouraged to eat or drink while driving as it can take your concentration off the road.
  • Passengers. The people inside the car can cause a distraction, especially if they demand your attention when driving. 
  • Cell Phone use. One of the most causes of distracted driving and the second leading cause of death caused by distraction-related car accidents. 
  • Lost in thought. The most significant cause of distracted driving is when the driver’s mind is wandering elsewhere. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you don’t think about problems and other issues when driving as it can cause your mind to wander off.

Now that you know these causes, you should do your best to avoid these things. You might be driving for a while and is comfortable with driving, but still, it’s not enough to be complacent.  It is still better to look after your safety first before anything else by not getting involved with distracted driving and its causes. 

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