Living in Northern Virginia means that hail damage to your vehicle is almost unavoidable. Why? It’s because its weather is some of the most unpredictable ones and it gets a share of hailstorms. Though minor hail damage may not affect the usability of your vehicle, it can certainly cause an unsightly mess and reduce your car’s value. 

At HBM Collision Center, we offer a full range of services for auto hail dent repair including state-of-the-art paintless hail dent repair, conventional vehicle dent repair, parts replacement, and much more. We understand hail damage and insurance companies. We want to restore your vehicle and make the insurance claims process as easy on you as possible. With our skilled staff whose specialty is vehicle cosmetic repair, there will neither be a mark nor any evidence that a hail storm struck your car.

Hail damage to car
What You Should Know About Hail Damage Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a superior process to traditional bodywork for most hail and other dent damage because it returns your vehicle to its original condition without repainting.  If the paint hasn’t been compromised, there’s no need for your car to be repainted. Our PDR techs are experts at using the right methods and tools to restore your vehicle after hail damage. By using the method of paintless dent repair for hail damage, our technicians at HBM Collision Center shall get rid of the hail damage and dents caused by a hail storm completely. 


Our unique business model allows us to offer the guaranteed best deals to our customers. We possess quite an extensive system of check and balance and see to it that our technicians continuously receive the cutting edge training of ever-evolving vehicle technology. We also respect your busy schedule and offer unrivaled turnaround times on all your dent and bumper repair needs. 


Customers can guarantee that our team, staff, and technicians fully understand the frustration of hail damage and they are capable of performing the right methods with precision to fix the hail damage. We have reimagined the entire hail damage repair experience, from picking up your vehicle and working with your insurance adjuster, to cover your deductible – it is our goal to make this process easy for you. Not only do we provide you with quality workmanship and personal service, but we handle the process from start to finish. 


If your vehicle has suffered dings, dents, or broken glass because of a hailstorm, you should contact us here at HBM Collision Center for repairs right away. Call us at 703-297-3922 or get a free estimate for your hail damage repair today. 

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