Frame Alignment

Frame Alignment



frame alignment

Frame damage occurs in many vehicles quite often. For example, an auto accident can twist and bend your vehicle’s frame or knock its undercarriage out of alignment. In such a situation that damage occurs to the inner or outer frame of your car or truck, auto frame repair is necessary to get your vehicle back in working order. Auto frame straightening is essential not only for restoring your car to its original state but also in terms of how it protects you. 

Here at HBM Collision Center, our team of experts has the tools and the talent to restore your vehicle back to normal. It is our guarantee to straighten out your automobile’s damaged frame using the latest equipment regardless of the extent of the damage your car has suffered. Our experts can assess structural damage, by examining it thoroughly. They can straighten the body’s frame and correct it so that it complies with the original factory specifications. When the structural repairs have been completed, the vehicle will be safe to drive.

How Auto Frame Alignment Works

The highly-trained technicians at HBM Collision Center use a computerized measuring system to detect and straighten any misalignments. The computer reads these measurements and compares them to the original factory specifications. Using these diagnostics, technicians can easily determine if the car is still repairable. It also enables them to come up with a proper estimate of how long the repair should take–information that’s necessary to calculate the service cost.

During a collision alignment, we check the rear camber, rear toe, front caster, camber, and toe as well as the thrust angle, steering axis inclination, and included angle. The potential change to alignment resulting from a collision is greater than that which results from a few pothole whacks throughout the year is the main reason why it is done. Accordingly, these additional angles that are checked in a collision alignment are meant to verify that the chassis parts, as well as the unibody or frame, are all incorrect alignment.

The straightening repair will be drawn out prior to the repair using actual dimensions and pulling locations. Straightening is needed when the damage involves steering, powertrain mounting points for the suspension. 

A successful auto frame repair requires precise alignment of the frame because improper alignment can lead to other serious issues including faster tire wear, uneven steering, and poor safety. If you don’t call for an expert, these underlying issues may not even be spotted, leading to potential problems in the future. 

Trust only highly-skilled, certified, and experienced technicians so you have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is well-taken care of. Contact our dealer-certified auto body shop today at 703-297-3922 for a free estimate.