auto bumper repair

Have you recently experienced a car accident requiring car bumper repair services? To avoid the embarrassment of driving around with unsightly bumper damage, immediately call for car bumper repair services from HBM Collision Center. We are experts at repairing any damage your bumper has sustained, including bends, chips, cracks, dents, dings, nicks, punctures, scratches, scuffs, and tears. We use a special computerized paint color matching system to perfectly identify the correct paint color and make your bumper look shiny and new.


Dents, scrapes, and scratches on painted bumpers are the most common damage we repair; however, we can repair scratches, dents, and scrapes on fenders and doors as well. We have the experience to handle any job, no matter how large or small the fix. Your bumper will have a high quality and durable gloss finish and look like new again.


What You Should Know About Car Bumper Repair

Bumpers are designed to take the brunt of a collision involving the front or rear of a vehicle. Therefore, when bumpers take a hit during accidents, they get banged up and damaged. As such, a bumper repair is required to make them look and perform like new again. Trust our qualified repair technicians to expertly repair dents and bumper damage of all kinds. 


At HBM Collision Center, we’re your source for collision repair services and auto body restoration. Our job is to make the collision repair process as positive, convenient, and easy for you as we possibly can. Let us help you get your vehicle back on the road and looking great. We also respect your busy schedule and offer unrivaled turnaround times on all your dent and bumper repair needs. 


Our team goes far above and beyond to ensure that you get the high-quality services you deserve. We offer you honesty and transparency through the process, so you can feel confident in working with us. Our attention to even the smallest details helps us provide the quality work that you expect, at a fair price. We make sure that your car looks as good as it did before your accident. Whether it’s your new car that was scratched for the first time, a minor fender bender, or a bump from the car behind you, you can trust HBM Collision Center to get it looking new again.


If you need bumper repairs or replacement services, see why we have such a strong reputation in the area. Call us at 703-297-3922 or get a free estimate for your bumper repair today.