7 Common Things That Damage Car Paint

damaged car paint

With car ownership comes affection for it. Many car owners consider their vehicles as their babies and part of the family. You will care for it and maintain it as much as possible. And you will also know immediately if something is off with your vehicle. 

One of the most common issues that car owners encounter with their vehicles is damaged car paint. Even a slight scratch on the bumper of a car will be noticed and magnified in the eyes of its owner. And it isn’t just a simple eyesore, but it also diminishes its resale value. 

What causes damage to car paint?

Here are the most common things that can harm the paint of your car.

  1. Sprinklers

Sometimes, weunknowingly park our vehicle near a yard sprinkler, and before you know it, the sprinkler sprays water on its surroundings, including your precious car. The problem comes when the water dries up from the heat of the sun. Unlike how car washing services dry up the water droplets on your car, water droplets drying solely from sunlight will leave nasty spots on the vehicle, damaging its paint.

  1. Tree sap

Mother Nature can also cause peril in your prized possession. One of these is tree sap. Sticky tree sap will not just stain your car’s paint, but it can be tough to remove when hardened. The damage it can cause will even accelerate when the weather is hot. Be careful not to park your car near a tree sap to avoid this problem. If you do constantly have to park by a tree, use a car cover to protect it. 

  1. Bird droppings

Most car owners may have encountered this issue at one time or another. Bird droppings aren’t just unpleasant to look at, their poops are also somewhat acidic, and when it hardens on your vehicle, it can eat away the paint. Like tree sap, it is important to act immediately when you encounter this problem. Do not scratch the hardened poop, as it can harm your car’s paint. You can use a car cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes to weaken the hardened poop, and then wipe it away. 

  1. Sun damage

The covers are invented for a reason. When your vehicle is exposed to the sun’s heat for an extended period of time can lead to damage the paint. It may start with the formation of pigmentation or whitish marks on your vehicle. Aside from that, the sun’s UV rays can also break down the paint components and cause oxidation. 

  1. Road construction

Most roads that are under construction tend to have loose pebbles on the road and other objects that may scratch your vehicle, causing damage to its paint. If possible, avoid areas or at least drive slowly when passing through areas that are under construction. 

  1. Road salt

In many states, salts are used on the roads during winter to prevent ice from forming, making the road safer and less slippery. However, road salts also pose risks when it accumulates on your vehicle especially on its paint. 

  1. Soda and coffee

If water can be a threat to your car’s paint, how much more your favorite soda and coffee? Soda mixing with the components of paint is a big No-No. Coffee and soda are acidic in nature and can promote corrosion on the exterior of your car.