Frame Damage: What That Means For You And Your Car

Auto Accident

Your car is a necessary and important purchase. You do everything you can to protect it, and when you’re driving it, are extra careful when so you don’t get into an accident. A car accident is not just hard on your car; it can also put people’s lives inside the car in danger. Moreover, you have to deal with the damages. 

Frame damage

Car accidents can impact your car in ways that are not visible to the naked eye. Collisions don’t always leave visible signs of damage. It might take a few drives for you to notice that there is something wrong with the car. This will happen with car frame damage, which can be the result of the car being involved in an accident. Car frame damage is serious damage and a costly one. Chances are, your car will get frame damage which means it’s not safe to drive your car anymore.

Frame damage is when the structural support system of your car is bent or compromised. Your car has a frame, and it is its basic foundation and the one that protects you during a collision. There are two types of car frames – unibody car frames and ladder auto frames. Car frames are made of sturdy metal.  After a serious accident, you might notice that your car has been bent or damaged. This is when frame damage occurs. It refers to the situation where the car’s structural support or its frame is compromised. Unfortunately, frame damages means that your car is not safe to drive.

What should you do?

Frame damage on your car is difficult – for you and your wallet. Frame bends and damage is a serious problem and is expensive to repair. It could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Instead of repairing a car with frame damage, most car owners may decide just to sell the car and buy a new one – especially if the car is involved in a heavy collision and is deemed a “total loss.” However, the cost for damage repair can still vary depending on the severity of the crash. For example, if a car slowly bumps into your car’s quarter panel, leaving a small dent.

Can I no longer drive a car with frame damage?

If you love your car and can’t let go of it yet you don’t have the money to repair the frame damage, you might be asking if you can drive it still. Well, if you insist, your car might still function just fine as long as it can still maintain a straight line but remember that a collision can be dangerous for you. Your car might not offer you the same protection as it can before it has frame damage. If you have been in a car accident in or near Alexandria VA, bring your car to a trusted auto body shop like  HBM Collision Center. Our expert technicians will restore your car so it is safe for you and your loved ones. 

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