Why You Should Get Your Car’s Suspension Checked After an Accident

More than half of all automobile accidents in the United States happen because a vehicle has been involved in some form of collision. Driving a car is one of the safest activities we have, but it is important to keep our vehicles maintained and safe. When your car is involved in an accident, it is the most important time to keep it in safe working order. Here are five reasons why you need to have your car’s suspension checked after an accident. 

1. Your Suspension Can Be Damaged in the Accident

Collisions can deform your car’s suspension, putting stress on the system, which will eventually lead to a premature failure. If you don’t get your suspension checked after the accident, you could be faced with a huge repair bill and the risk of further damage when you go for another repair.

2. Your Car’s Suspension Needs to Be Checked for Correct Alignment

After an accident, your suspension may not be aligned correctly, which can lead to tire wear and uneven tire wear. Alignment is a big deal because it can affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. It can also improve gas mileage and give you a more comfortable ride. This is why it is important to fix your alignment after the Accident.

3. Your Suspension Can Be Damaged by Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers can fail as a result of the collision, so you should check them for damage. They can fail because they are worn out, which will also lead to uneven tire wear and further damage. Shock absorbers are important because they keep your vehicle’s suspension working properly. They absorb bumps and help to keep your vehicle stable during a collision.

4. You Can Get Stuck with a Huge Repair Bill

Uncorrected suspension damage will cause further damage to the car, which can result in high repair bills and more inconvenience for you. If you have an accident and your suspension isn’t checked, a simple repair can result in huge costs and an extensive repair job. This is one of the safer ways to keep your vehicle in safe working order.

5. You Can Be at Risk of an Accident

If your vehicle’s suspension isn’t checked after an accident, you can be at risk of another accident because the suspension system isn’t working as it should. Unlike some other parts of the car, the suspension is not designed to bear the weight of the vehicle. When your car’s suspension is damaged, it could lead to you being involved in a fatal accident. Your car may not handle as well, and this can lead to a collision further down the road. If you get your suspension checked, it will help to minimize the chances of further accidents.


When your car is involved in an accident, you need to have it inspected by a mechanic, and suspension damage must be addressed right away. The sooner you have the inspection done, the less damage your car can sustain because of bad tires, shock absorbers, and unaligned suspensions. Don’t hesitate to get your car checked after an accident at HBM Collision Center.

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