What Happens to Your Car When Driving Over Ice

Driving over ice poses great danger, and it is hazardous to your car. Generally, winter driving has no expert! If you do not take caution and be highly observant, you are likely to wreck your car really badly. In as much as some damages are serious while others are minor, they both turn out expensive. Below are some of the things that are likely to happen if you drive over ice.

1. You Won’t Be Able to Stop in Time

Ice driving does not majorly affect the braking system. However, due to reduced friction between tires and road surface, your car takes longer to stop. It’s reported that stopping cars on the ice road takes 12 times the same distance compared to the normal roads. This reduced stopping time can easily cause havoc, even leading you to an accident.

2. Crack and Shatter Wind Shield

When the driver ahead of you has not bothered to remove the ice sheet on their cars, they may fly away towards you and hit your car. If your speed is too high, screens can crack or even dent your car’s body. The side mirrors, too, can be broken. Unfortunately, this can damage even the packed cars.

3. Crash Your Car

Winter driving easily makes most drivers lose control of their car. Many factors contribute to this, but the main one is poor visibility. You are unlikely able to see an approaching car leading to a head-on collision or ram into a car ahead of you.

4. Skidding and Spinning Out

It is very common for you to skid and spin out when driving in the winter. Your car loses traction, making it unstable on the ice road. This worsens when your car tires are worn out, reducing the grip of the road. In such instances, your car is vulnerable and prone to so much danger.

5. Scratch the Paint

Direct contact of the car body with ice can lead to the paint easily being scratched off. The ice patches that remain on the car body, if not carefully washed out, can corrode the car body, making it rust. When your car is packed, snow with road salt can get into areas under your car, causing rust.

6. Affects the Exhaust System

Deep snow clogs into your car exhaust system. This ends up damaging the entire system. You will be forced to part with some cash to restore this. At times it turns out to be so expensive. Ensure you park your car after clearing all the ice. Alternatively, have all the ice well removed before running the engine.

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