Advantages of Choosing a Certified Collision Repair Body Shop

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After having an accident, you probably want to bring your car to the nearest body shop to get everything fixed. But that’s one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make. You see, not all body shops are created equal. Therefore, it is crucial that you look for certified collision repair body shops. These are often certified by car manufacturers, so you can guarantee that their quality of work is nothing short of outstanding.

If you are not convinced, here are more reasons why you need to work with a certified collision repair body shop

Uses OEM Parts  

When you work with a credible collision repair shop, their objective is beyond making your car look fresh again. Instead, they would want to restore your car’s condition as if there was never an accident. To make this possible, it is essential that they get the parts from the original manufacturer. 

What certified collision repair body shops use are OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. With this, they could match the damaged parts, and it will be repaired as if they just came out of the factory. 

Professionally Trained Technicians 

But having the right parts isn’t the only way you can get your car in mint condition. There’s also a need to have the best technicians. That’s the advantage of using a certified collision repair body shop. 

They only hire the best industry professionals to handle your car in the best way possible. With them, you can be sure that the car parts are correctly installed, and you will be back on the road safely. 

Up To Date Technology 

Repairing damaged cars is not an easy feat. The techniques used for old vehicles are different from what is needed for new ones. Some are even using advanced computerized technology to streamline the process of repairs. And that is why a repair body shop must be up to date with knowledge and equipment. Otherwise, they won’t be able to work on different car models. 

They also work closely with car manufacturers so that they are equipped with the right set of information. 

Choosing the Right Collision Repair Body Shop 

If this is your first time looking for a collision repair body shop, we understand that it can be overwhelming. You might be wondering how to make the right decisions, and here are some of our tips. 

  • Ask Within Your Circle 

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people forget to ask their families and friends first if they have recommendations. You see, car repairs are quite common, and anyone who has a car for years might have used their services. 

Ask them about the process, the time frame, and even the cost. You can compare different collision repair body shops and, if possible, do further research by doing our next tip. 

  • Read Reviews 

What’s good in today’s age is that most customers leave online reviews whenever they use services. And this includes their experiences with collision repair body shops. 

A quick search over the internet, and you will find feedback. But you have to be careful, though, as some reviews are not genuine.  

  • Conduct Interviews 

And lastly, you can always give them a call or visit their shop to conduct your own interview. Be prepared to ask them questions such as their estimates, warranties, or even the insurance companies they work with. 

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