FAQS About Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair

Being involved in a car crash can be really stressful. It is normal to be confused about what to do next. Some people’s minds may wonder where they can get their vehicle fixed. If this is you, HBM Collision Center has your back. They have experience handling vehicle damage and have a frequently asked questions or FAQ page available for any questions that you may have about your vehicle’s auto body repair. 

What should I do after a vehicle accident?

Safety is the first thing that you should put in mind when involved in an accident. Call 911 immediately if anyone involved needs immediate medical attention. If none is needed, then contact your insurance provider and inform them about the accident. Your insurance provider will inform you about the necessary documents and other requirements for you to begin your claim. 

Which auto body shop should I bring my vehicle to?

Your insurance provider may give you auto body shops as options on where to bring your vehicle for repair. However, you have the right to select the shop of your choice. HBM Collision Center follows a seven-step collision repair process which means your vehicle won’t be stuck in the corner and will be assessed and repaired as soon as it is dropped off. We know that your vehicle is very valuable to you so our professional and highly capable auto technicians will repair it to the highest quality standards. 

Can you fix unrelated damage while my vehicle is at your shop?

Our technician will give you an estimate for the collision repair as per the requirement of your insurance provider. However, if you have other issues with your vehicle that need to be repaired, then inform us as you drop off your vehicle and we will also work on it. Our auto body technicians are fully trained and certified to meet the highest quality standards for repair and paintwork. 

How long can you finish repairing my vehicle?

Each repair is different and the length of time to finish an auto body repair depends on the damage it attained from the collision and the car’s model. Most modern vehicles are complex and may need a little more time to reassemble. During the vehicle’s drop off at the shop, we will assess its damage and will give you an estimation of how long the repair process will be. Apart from that, our team will also keep you updated with the work done on your car. Our main goal is to return your vehicle back to its good condition without compromising the quality of our work. 

Do you offer a repair warranty?

Of course! HBM Collision Center provides a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship. We can give you a copy of our warranty statement upon request. 

Can you match the paint?

Yes, HBM Collision Center only uses state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly paints that will match the original factory color of your vehicle. Our team is highly capable of matching the factory finish, leaving your vehicle looking like it just came from the dealership.

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