Paint Correction and Polishing For Your Car

Paint Correction

Owning a car can be exciting. When your car is new, it looks gorgeous and fresh as its colors are brand new and unfaded. However, your car will lose its luster and glossy look as time passes by because your car is constantly exposed to outside elements such as heat, rain, and snow. It’s a normal process and it’s your responsibility to make sure your car will look good like it did the first time you drove it. 

If you want to see your car sparkle again, paint correction and polishing for your car is a good idea. Repainting involves getting rid of the old pain and removing rust and corrosions. It covers all the surfaces with a new coat of paint. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do that you can have a paint correction. A paint correction is a process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle in order to eliminate the surface imperfections such as swirl marks, deep marring, and other paint scratches. 

How does paint correction work?

Paint correction doesn’t mean painting over the imperfections but it’s more like doing a specialized form of polishing. It doesn’t cover up the imperfections but removes them completely. 

Paint correction is a process that requires different stages including:

Stage 1. During this stage, your car is being polished with paint in a single step. Technicians will use one buffing agent and one pad. This is a refining process that eliminates the most minor imperfections.

Stage 2. This is suitable for cars with minor scratches and moderate swirl marks and is also known as two stage process as it requires two different pads and polishes. The first stage uses an abrasive pad and a cutting polish for imperfection removal. Once complete, a smoother polishing pad and finishing pad is required. A wax sealant is also applied when finished.

Stage 3. This is the most advanced option for your car scratch repair. Stage three might require spot wet sanding at the site of deep scratches. If sanding is necessary, it will be done before polishing. Once the stages are all done, a sealant will be applied to protect the paint.

Why do a paint correction?

Paint correction is done to improve the appearance of your car as it can get rid of nasty imperfections such as scratches and marring. It will make your car look like new again. It can also restore your car’s clear coat giving your car that shimmering shine. Plus, it can also extend your car’s paint so you don’t need to do a repaint job every now and then. In fact, with proper maintenance and follow up, your paint job will last even longer than expected. 

Paint correction is an excellent way to restore your car’s shine and vibrance but remember to maintain it properly as the wax sealant will wear over time. Contact our paint professionals at HBM Collision and we guarantee you’ll be impressed with our work.

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