All About The Car Paint Match Process

The car paint match process is the art of matching paint colors so that the final product matches perfectly. Maintaining the perfect car paint match is no easy feat. It’s especially challenging when dealing with multiple colors, vehicle types, and manufacturers. Everything from body panels to wheels and even door handles can affect the outcome. With that in mind, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about the car paint match process so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

Shop Smart

Many variables can affect your paint color match. Body shops work with lower profit margins than manufacturing plants do, so they must keep costs down during production. The car paint match process is all about shopping smart and getting the best product at your price point.

Factor In The Body

The car’s body can have a huge impact on the color match. The paint code itself is the same, however, many factors could cause a mismatch. These factors include paint thickness, substrate, and contamination that affect the color match. 

Consider Your Climate

The color match will be most accurate when using paints formulated specifically for your area. This can be very important in areas that experience intense and extreme temperatures.

Get It Right

The most important step in the car paint match process is getting your application correctly. Professionals will ensure that this process goes smoothly so you never have to stress about completing it yourself. 

Focus On Quality

Quality control is one of the major factors affecting the perfect paint match in automotive applications. The closer your car paint match is to the original color, the higher quality you will have. This is why it’s important to choose wisely when making color selections. At HBM Collision Center, we recognize that even a few percentage points can make all the difference.


By the time your product leaves our facility, it will be exactly what you ordered. We only use premium products from trusted suppliers, so you never have to worry about getting a poor paint match because of an inferior product.


It’s time to make that perfect decision on the color match for your car paint. Make sure that you understand the different factors that can affect the perfect match, and make sure that you don’t overlook any of the basic needs. With a little bit of preparation, your paint can look amazing when it leaves our facility and makes its way to your customer. It’s time to get in touch with HBM Collision Center, where we can complete all of your automotive repairs at great prices.

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